WORKSHOP "Justice and Non-Humans"

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This workshop focuses on a series of questions and problems concerning the possibility of overcoming the species restriction as well as other related limiting conditions imposed on the community of justice, such as the sentience restriction. Invited speakers will touch upon these issues by confronting problems concerning the rights of animals and non-sentient organisms, principles of sustainability, fairness, and contributive justice in relation to land, species, and ecosystems, the territorial rights of animals and other organisms, the moral status of nature and its resources, as well as its implications for the species and sentience restrictions. 


WORKSHOP "Justice and Non-Humans"

Tuesday 12th & Wednesday 13th of June

Facultad de Historia, Geografía y Ciencia Política
P. Universidad Católica de Chile



Tuesday 12 

9:30-10:30      Alfonso Donoso (P. Universidad Católica de Chile): “Non-Humans and Ecological Territorial Rights”

10:45-11:45     Angie Pepper (Université de Montréal): “Adapting to Climate Change: What We Owe to Other Animals” 

12:00-13:00     Juan Pablo Mañalich (Universidad de Chile): “Animalhood and Subjectivity. (Non-Human) Animals as Legal Subjects” 

Wednesday 13 

9:30-10:30      Avery Kolers (University of Louisville): “Zoopolis or Ecopolis?”

10:45-11:45    Alejandra Mancilla (University of Oslo): “Greening Global Egalitarianism”

12:00-13:00    Cristian Timmerman (Universidad de Chile): “Innovation in Agriculture and Living with Nature” 

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This activity is supported by Fondecyt Nº 11160170 “Towards A Theory Of Ecological Justice: Reciprocity And State Obligations To Nature” and Redes Internacionales Conicyt REDI170119


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