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David Altman Citizenship and Contemporary Direct Democracy Cambridge University Press. 2019

Alfonso Donoso “A Territorial Mediation in a Triangular Affair. Towards an Ecological Territorial Sovereignty”, in Martín Hevia and Eduardo Rivera-López (Eds.) Controversies in Latin American Bioethics (Springer), 2019.

Nicole Jenne "Peacekeeping, Latin America and the UN Charter’s Chapter VIII: Past Initiatives and Future Prospects", International Peacekeeping. 2019.

Nicole Jenne "Hegemonic Distortions: The Securitisation of the Insurgency in Thailand's Deep South, with Jun Yan Chang". TRaNS: Trans –Regional and –National Studies of Southeast Asia. 2019

Francisca Reyes with Gelcich, S. - M. A. Rios. "Early assessments of marine governance transformations: insights and recommendations for implementing new fisheries management regimes". Ecology and Society. 2019